"ETKİ" Has Been Published!

Everything about impact investing is in this book!

Visa - VISA-Kızlar Sahada Football Schools SROI Analysis 2023, has been assured by SVI and published!

The program provides free football and social development programmes to girls aged 9-14 from disadvantaged backgrounds in Turkey, and empowers women outside the football field by providing training and financial support to female coaches and club managers.

The SROI Analysis of Spor İstanbul Has Been Assured by SVI and Published!

The SROI Analysis of Spor İstanbul, a subsidiary of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, prepared by Etkiyap, has been assured by Social Value International and published!

Formula One’s Net Zero Target: Should We Approach with Caution?

In its sustainability plan published at the end of 2019, Formula 1 management detailed how much emissions all operations cause and made commitments at all scales, listing the steps already taken towards the goal of net zero by 2030.

The SROI Analysis of iGA’s Social Investment Programme Has Been Assured by SVI and Published!

iGA’s Social Investment Programme aims to improve the livelihoods of nine neighbourhoods around Istanbul Airport through meaningful and trusted relationships based on transparent, timely information provision and open dialogue.

We aim to raise awareness on impact investing in Turkey, and to develop the impact investment ecosystem.

Impact Measurement and Reporting

At the point where financial accounting and social accounting start to merge, accountability makes social impact measurement inevitable.


With our online trainings, wherever you are in the world, you can take the first step towards becoming an SROI Accredited Practitioner and Accredited Trainer with trainings with international content, where you can increase your competencies in impact measurement and management.

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