Impact Measurement and Reporting

Assurance Reports

There are only three reports in Turkey that are assured by Social Value International (SVI). Please find the information, and assurance reports on these analyses prepared under the roof of Etkiyap below.

Women Farmers’ Entrepreneurial Loan

This report includes the social impact measurement of the Microfinance for Women Farmers Project covering one year period, 2021, of its operations. The SROI (Social Return on Investment) analysis is used as a framework based on eight principles of the SROI that are reflected in the whole report. In accordance with these principles, all information about the Project’s social impact measurement is stated with transparency.

In 2021, Tekfen Foundation launched the “Women Farmers’ Entrepreneurial Loan” project in cooperation with TISVA (Türkiye İsrafı Önleme Vakfı – Turkish Foundation for Waste Reduction) and Toros Tarım (a Tekfen Holding group company of) to support women farmers in order to empower women in agriculture.

The primary aim is to support women who intend to farm but do not have the necessary financial resource (capital) to start their own small agricultural enterprises. In addition to providing financial support, the project also provides basic agricultural training, training in Occupational Health and Safety and on-site consultancy on their fields with the expert contribution of Toros Tarım’s agricultural engineers.

Purpose of the Analysis

The purpose of the analysis is basically to understand the changes that stakeholders have experienced as a result of the Project’s activities. Understanding changes with all aspects, positive, negative, intended and unintended, will inform decisions in much better way to optimize the value of the Project.

Kotex-Kizlar Sahada Athlete Development Program

Kotex and Kızlar Sahada launched the Athlete Development Program to contribute to the empowerment of university students or graduate women football players by supporting their athletics, professional, personal and career development.

When the Program was announced 423 women athletes applied from 61 cities in 3 countries. They were evaluated according the criteria of the Program which was being university student or graduate and being TFF-licensed (Turkish Football Federation).

Purpose of the Analysis

Purpose of the analysis is basically to understand the changes that stakeholders have experienced as a result of the Program’s activities. Understanding changes with all aspects, positive, negative, intended and unintended, will inform decisions in much better way to optimize the value of the Athlete Development Program.

Purpose of the analysis regarding external stakeholders is to communicate outcomes of the Program and collaborate to decrease negative outcomes and increase positive ones where possible.

Sport Istanbul

Istanbul Sports Events and Management Trade Inc. (i.e. Spor İstanbul) was established in 1989 as a subsidiary company of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. It has prioritised the use of sports facilities and active participation in sports activities to strengthen the physical and mental health and improve the abilities of the people of Istanbul.

With the aim of increasing the quality of social life, Spor İstanbul offers various opportunities for the residents of the city to do sports regularly and consciously in modern sports facilities. In addition, Spor İstanbul takes important steps to establish a modern infrastructure for Turkish sports, to bring in new athletes and to provide opportunities for paralympic athletes.

This SROI report includes the social impact measurement of the operations of Sport Istanbul during the year 2021.

Purpose of the Analysis

To understand the changes – be it positive or negative, intended or unintended – that stakeholders have experienced as a result of Spor Istanbul’s activities in order to make better informed decisions and optimise the value of Spor İstanbul, and to communicate these outcomes so that collaboration takes place to decrease the negative outcomes and increase the positive outcomes where possible.


iGA’s Social Investment Programme aims to improve the livelihoods of nine neighbourhoods around Istanbul Airport through meaningful and trusted relationships based on transparent, timely information provision and open dialogue. The Social Investment Programme consists of different activities designed for different segments of stakeholders. The Social Investment Programme is carried out in two components: Rapid Impact Projects aimed at meeting basic needs and capacity building, and Income Generating Projects that generate long-term, tangible outputs and income through sustainable activities.

Purpose of the Analysis

Elaborating the social change realised through the projects implemented and stakeholder dialogue created thanks in particular to the two pillars the program focuses on: regional development, and upcycling and recycling.

Turkish Grameen Microfinance Program (TGMP)

Since its establishment in 2003, TGMP has provided a total of 178717 women with microcredits worth 928 million TL, and paved the way for them to participate in working life as productive individuals. The material, moral and business gains of the women who benefitted from the microcredits have provided further prosperity to their own lives, their families, the education of their children and their close circles such as their neighbours.

The microfinance fund of 120 million TL, distributed to 50 thousand low-income women in 2019, is financed through donations and repayments from the women benefitting from the programme. At this point, it is vital for the sustainability of the programme to measure the impact of TGMP’s various loans, its model that makes its users successful as well as other services on women, other stakeholders and society in order to determine the economic value of this impact.

Purpose of the Analysis

To concretely demonstrate the effectiveness of the model in the fight against poverty over the last 20 years, to contribute to the management of the programme.

Girls on the Soccer Field Academy

Within Kızlar Sahada Akademi, a one-week camp was organised in order to introduce girls aged 10-12 to football, to empower them with team spirit, and to raise awareness that football is a sport that everyone can enjoy. During the camp, the girls were introduced to new experiences in culture and arts through seminars and workshops. The scope of the project has been expanded through cooperation with ACEV (Mother Child Education Foundation) by bringing the girls’ parents together via parent programmes.

Purpose of the Analysis

To demonstrate concretely that football is an effective tool for gender equality and to expand operations by transforming the practice into a social enterprise.

Adım Adım

Adım Adım, established in 2008, is the first platform to promote charity runs in Turkey. Adım Adım works with non-governmental organisations and volunteers who want to take part in charity runs, bringing them together under platforms that they build, manage and develop. 2 large scale marathons are held every year, one of them being in Istanbul and the other in Antalya. Adım Adım, which brings together donors and non-governmental organisations, has an operation that does not touch money.

Purpose of the Analysis

To expand the social capital, particularly the donors, by expressing the created value in financial terms.