The SROI Analysis of Spor İstanbul Has Been Assured by SVI and Published!

Category: Announcements Date: 10 May 2023
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The SROI Analysis of Spor İstanbul, a subsidiary of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, prepared by Etkiyap, has been assured by Social Value International and published!
Spor İstanbul aims to improve the quality of social life for the people of Istanbul and establish a modern infrastructure for Turkish sports, bringing in new athletes and providing opportunities for paralympic athletes.
This SROI report includes the social impact measurement of the operations of Spor İstanbul during the year 2021. It is used as a framework based on the seven principles of the SROI that are reflected in the whole report. In accordance with these principles, all information about Spor İstanbul’s social impact measurement is stated with transparency.
This analysis targets two main audience groups; internal stakeholders (management level) and external stakeholders (local authorities, sports sector, collaborating institutions like sports federations, members and potential members).
Purpose of the analysis is to understand the changes be it positive or negative, intended or unintended that stakeholders have experienced as a result of Spor İstanbul’s activities in order to make better informed decisions and optimise the value of Spor İstanbul. In addition, regarding external stakeholders, communicating the outcomes of the company and collaborating to decrease negative outcomes and increase positive ones where possible is aimed.
Click here to read the SROI Analysis of Spor İstanbul.
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