Catalytic Impact Capital: Social Finance Funds

3 May 2024 Blog, Interview

8 Social finance funds are frequently used tools by governments with the aim of accelerating the impact investing ecosystems. One of the earliest examples of a similar…

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Formula 1’s Sustainable Fuel Solution

27 April 2023 Blog, Finans, Impact Investing

6 Formula 1 has long been trying to attract automotive giants to the sport in order to be financially sustainable and to boost its own brand. The aim has been to facilitate …

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Formula One’s Net Zero Target: Should We Approach with Caution?

19 April 2023 Blog

5 In its sustainability plan published at the end of 2019, Formula 1 management detailed how much emissions all operations cause and made commitments at all scales, lis…

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The Sustainability Challenge of Tennis Balls

27 January 2023 Blog

6   While following the Australian Open currently underway in Melbourne, one of the four major tournaments of the tennis world, have you ever thought about the fat…

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Initiative for Islamic Banks Intermediating Beyond Profits: Value- Based Intermediation

14 October 2022 Finans, Impact Investing

5 Islamic banking industry in Malaysia is pioneering the sustainability agenda through Value-Based Intermediation (VBI). The concept was generated by the theme of A…

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Impact Investing to Clean the Ocean: Blue Bonds

10 August 2022 Blog, Impact Investing

5 In recent years, many scientists have been trying to find the answer to where the 8 million tonnes of plastic waste dumped into the ocean every year goes. The general ass…

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What Do Impact Investing Advisory Boards Do?

6 May 2022 Blog, Impact Investing

4 Today, when the world is facing countless problems, from the climate crisis to social injustice, from hunger and thirst to gender inequality, the need to create posit…

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Positive Discrimination: Why is it not Discrimination?

26 April 2022 Blog, Impact Investing

5 The United Nations has 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aiming to achieve by 2030. The fifth one is SDG 5: Gender Equality. However, with the regression caused …

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Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics: Sustainable or Not?

26 February 2022 Blog, Impact Investing

6 This January, the Beijing 2022 Organising Committee published its pre-game sustainability report. The report details the steps taken to…

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The Role of the Individual Against Climate Change

22 January 2022 Impact Investing

5 What can you do in the process of mitigating and adapting to climate change? Although this question is often asked in the academic context over two different approache…

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