Etkiyap dictionary is a resource open to everyone, which continues to develop by collecting the concepts and definitions that are frequently used in the impact investment sector in one place.

Etkiyap dictionary is an Impact Investment dictionary study created to gather frequently used concepts and definitions in the impact investing industry. The Impact Investing Dictionary project started under the leadership of Melek De-Wint, Member of the Executive Board of Etkiyap, and was inspired by the “dictionary” posts on her LinkedIn page by Melina Sánchez Montañés, a young impact investor active in impact investment projects.

For the Impact Investing Dictionary, a pool of 600 concepts was created, which was first compiled by scanning foreign sources. A list of frequently used terms consisting of approximately 80 words, which will make the highest contribution to awareness, was prepared based on both the directions of the experts in Etkiyap, Melek De-Wint and Ceyda Özgün, and the shares of Melinda Sánchez Montañés. Öykü Sorgun contributed to the compilation of references to the existing concepts by scanning the related dictionary and article resources where we can find their Turkish equivalents.

We aim to increase knowledge and awareness about impact investing and to make impact investing more accessible by sharing concepts that are frequently used in the impact investing industry. Also, we hope that it will encourage professionals working and interested in the subject of matter to share their knowledge, experience and studies on these concepts.