The Impact Investing and Civil Society Conference Was Held!

Category: Announcements Date: 29 March 2022
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“The Impact Investing and Civil Society Conference” was organised on 29th March 2022 in collaboration with Impact Investing Advisory Board (EYDK), within the scope of the “Civil Society Dialogue and Civil Society Support Programs between Turkey and EU” Technical Assistance Project carried out by the European Union Presidency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Firstly, the “Horizon Tour with Success Stories” panel, and then various workshops were held with 60 participants from Turkey’s leading non-governmental organisations. Gülin Yücel, Member of the Executive Board of Impact Investing Turkey (Etkiyap) attended the workshop session on “Impact Measurement and Management”.

A report will be conducted from the collected data in order to decide on the steps to be taken in accordance with the conference. The prepared report will serve as a roadmap to improve the relationship between impact investing and civil society.

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