Do you think that the resources you use for change are going to waste?

About the Training

This is a holistic training on social impact analysis starting from basic concepts to in-depth analysis. This programme, the content of which is prepared by Social Value International (SVI), is a prerequisite for those who aim to become an SROI Analysis Accredited Practitioner.

Training Content

Purpose and scope of impact management

Identifying stakeholders and outcomes

Measuring the amount of changes

Valuing changes to outcomes

From results to impact, how to avoid overclaiming

Calculations, aggregation, reporting, and embedding


Training Time: 6 days, 24 hours in total

Outcomes of the Training

When this training is completed you will have competence in the following;

  • Redefining change and value
  • Measuring value beyond the “cost + profit” approach
  • Managing impact with real value data

This Training is Designed for

  • Professionals working in the field of social impact and impact investing
  • Undergraduate and graduate students who want to pursue a career in the field of social impact and impact investing
  • Professionals who want to strengthen their decision-making processes by analysing the impact of their business activities
  • Organisations that want to transform their corporate culture and strategies with an impact focus
  • Organisations that want to manage their impact and maximise their positive impact
  • Institutions that share the value they create with communication tools such as sustainability reports and integrated reporting
  • Institutions that want to create value within the framework of Sustainable Development Goals

Social Value & SROI Accredited Practitioner Training is certified at international standards by Social Value International. This certification is the key to accreditation for practitioners. It offers new career opportunities in the rising field of “Impact Measurement and Management”.

About the Instructor


Ceyda Özgün

Being the first and only Level-3 (Advanced Level) Social Return on Investment (SROI) Accredited Practitioner and Accredited Trainer in Turkey, she provides consultancy and training services for the private sector, public sector and third sector.

Following her MBA degree from Bilkent University, she completed her master’s degree in Responsible Management from Steinbeis University in 2015. In 2021, she successfully completed the Oxford Impact Measurement Program, organised by Oxford University Said Business School for professionals working in the impact field.

Since 2014, she has been providing consultancy services on sustainability, sustainability reporting and integrated reporting, especially on impact analysis and reporting.

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