Şafak Müderrisgil

Turkey Has Pressed the Button for Impact Investing

10 March 2021 Announcements, Events

6 Turkey Has Pressed the Button for Impact Investing Impact investing is relatively a new concept for Turkey. The day we decided to establish a platform for impact inves…

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Impact Investing is not an ESG Investment

22 May 2020 Blog

2 ESG (Environmental-Social-Governance) oriented investments focus on environmental, social and governance factors and measurements. The environmental, socia…

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Strategic Positioning of Impact Investing

18 May 2020 Blog

< 1 It is essential that the fundraiser and the investee company using the funds agree that the investment is strategically focused on generating an “impact&#822…

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10 Golden Rules of Impact Investing

16 May 2020 Blog

< 1 1. Impact investing is not philanthropy, it makes a profit. 2. While financial return is considered in impact investing, the social or environmental impact is also me…

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Making Social Impact: A Native Story from Anatolia

14 May 2020 Blog

2 A young member of a large Turkish family business observes: “My grandpa is an impact investor, but he doesn’t know it!” For many years, his grandfa…

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Emergence of Impact Investing

10 May 2020 Blog

2 Let us go back to the 2008 financial crisis that has shaken the US and the world: It all started when the real estate markets started to rise and the banks started to give af…

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