Young Impact Leader Programme


About Etkiyap


We aim to raise awareness about impact investing in Turkey. We believe in the leadership of young people in the processes we carry out to develop the impact investing ecosystem and build capacity in this field. We aim to equip young people with sustainability-oriented competencies, and position them as young impact leaders at the centre of the impact ecosystem.

What Skills Will You Gain During the Young Impact Leader Programme?

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Literacy

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Analytical Skills

Impact Investing Capacity Building

Impact Measurement and Management Capacity Building

What awaits you in the Young Impact Leader Programme?

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) centred trainings and workshops

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) centred webinars, panels & podcasts

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) centred research and content production

Impact investing centred research and content development

Impact Measurement and Management centred trainings and workshops


Cemre Seda Küçükkaya
Political Studies

Sezin Naz Erciyas
International Relations
Bilkent University

Berru Ayşe Yılmaz

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A year has passed since the world was hit by what became the greatest global health challenge in over a century. The crises generated by the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect countries across the world in multiple ways, underscoring key unsolved societal issues. For example, as economic development has stumbled or reversed, the health emergency has exacerbated inequality and hampered efforts to tackle energy poverty. Unilateral approaches adopted by governments in their handling of challenges during the pandemic, from personal protective equipment to the approval and dissemination of vaccines, have also raised concerns about the international community’s ability to come together in coordinated action across countries and sectors. Moreover, uneven compliance to recommended public health measures, driven either by economic reasons or differences in values illustrates the challenges in mobilizing all sections of society in a cohesive response to a shared problem. The latter is critical as we look to take effective collective action on energy transition.

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